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SEV, or Singapore Electric Vehicles Pte Ltd, is a Singapore-based electric fleet company that aims to revolutionize public mobility by introducing zero-emission and environmentally friendly vehicles in Singapore and beyond.  The company was founded in 1998 and has since established itself as a leading provider of clean mobility solutions in Singapore. SEV’s primary business is the rental and leasing of electric cars, with a secondary activity of retail sales of motor vehicles. 

The company has a team of experienced professionals who have been serving the industry for over a decade, and are committed to exceeding customer demand and staying on top of the latest market trends.

The bulk of SEV’s drivers are on the Grab platform, and the company has set up a state-of-the-art experience center at the Kumul Innovation Centre in Singapore to offer consumers a first-hand experience of its clean mobility solutions.



SEV Holdings​

SEV Holdings officially take over SEV​



SEV extend its foothold to Thailand​



SEV expanded its fleet size from 50 cars to 240 cars​



Singapore​: SEV started electric Vans sales and leasing​​ Thailand​: JV started in operations​. Battery swap station by Q3​



Singapore​: Battery swap station in operations​ Thailand​: Factory in Rayong to start operations​



Prepare IPO in Q1​ ​

Business Segments


SEV is currently expanding its business into Pattaya, Thailand, a popular tourist destination. The company plans to supply at least 1,000 electric cars and 1,000 electric scooters to Planet Communications Asia, the Electric Vehicle unit of a Thai-listed telecom equipment distributor. This expansion plan was featured on Straits Times on September 15, 2022.

SEV is committed to promoting sustainable and efficient mobility solutions in Singapore and beyond. With its innovative electric fleet and commitment to reducing emissions, the company is well-positioned to help drive the adoption of clean mobility solutions in the region.


SEV is the dealer of BYD and distributor of Sokon EVs in South East Asia.


SEV’s activity is a certified activity which can be use for carbon credit offset to protect the global green ecosystem (Click here for more info)

Associated with BYD to launch SMART Innovation Center in Singapore to provide charging, food catering, drivers’ lounge and gym.

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Kwek Yan Ping​


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Steven Kwek​

2022 Accomplishments


In a 10 month period, the new management of SEV had built up a fleet of 240 BYD electric passenger vehicles in end of December 2022. As of March 2023, SEV have 280 vehicles.

Currently, 95% of the vehicles are leased out to Private Hire Drivers in Singapore predominantly Grab and Gojek

SEV has an integrated centre which has a seating capacity of 200 pax (called “Recess Time”, please click link to view) that provides affordable food, gym and a drivers’ lounge.

Singcharge which is 100% owned by SEV is working with National University of Singapore (“NUS”) to develop a blockchain application which provides data collection on drivers’ behaviour in charging, driving and fatigue management which will be used for energy efficient control, which is currently applying for patent.

This patent involves 5G Skynet Smart Car Cameras where cars use hardware camera device to transmit via 5G networks real time video to the internet cloud and the videos are stitched together to form a real time visual of the road and traffic conditions, including the geo tagging of AI detection of potential road dangers posed by possible accidents and traffic conditions. The AI detected dangers are shared in real time with all cars within the vicinity and alps accessible throughout the global internet with permission.

SEV also collaborate with NUS on 5G IoT and Big data, first data center can be finished by Q4 2023.

SEV’s COO, Mr. Steven Kwek briefed Mrs. Josephine Teo, Minister for Communications and Information of Singapore, about SEV-NUS AI program.​


SEV has also setup a Joint Venture with a Thai entity that is listed on the Thai Stock Exchange for sales and leasing of Sokon electric vans, two-wheelers electric bikes and installation of fast charging stations and battery swaps facilities.

SEV’s COO, Mr. Steven Kwek with Mr. Prapat Rathlertkarn, President and CEO of Planet Communications Asia PLC, sign share purchase agreement for Thailand JV.​


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